Personal Tax &
National Insurance Contributions

For humans, by humans. Rather than corporate or business tax, we mean.

If you are an individual employed by a Manx company, your tax returns are likely exceedingly simple. This often comes as a surprise to people originally from countries with more complex tax systems. From start to finish, an online filing can take as little as ten minutes, and you don’t need to be an expert to do it.

This quick video tutorial from the Isle of Man Government walks you through the steps for most personal filings.


Not everyone’s taxes are quite so simple. In these cases, Greenwave can help make sure your tax returns are accurate and on time.
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Personal Tax Returns

  • Calculate the tax and NI due, check the assessments and tax coding
  • Identify allowable deductions so you don’t pay too much
  • Complete and submit your tax return on time
  • Deal with the tax authorities and any queries that may arise
  • Clear explanation of your tax position and any payments to be made
  • Tax-efficient withdrawal of funds from your business
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IOM & UK Residency

  • Completion of IOM and UK tax returns for those with a footprint in both jurisdictions
  • Non-resident landlord returns for both IOM and UK
  • Assistance with the tax implications of moving from UK to IOM or vice versa
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Resolving Past Issues

It may be tempting to bury your head in the sand, but you will feel better if you tackle outstanding issues, or perhaps the tax authorities have contacted you regarding previous submissions and you need assistance.

We can help resolve past issues and communicate with the tax office, relieving stress and saving you time.
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& More

Tax services for:
  • Partnership accounts
  • Sole trader accounts

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Did you know...
As a Manx resident, you will be taxed on your worldwide personal income.

Everybody in the Isle of Man needs to complete a tax return annually for the year ending 5th April.

The Isle of Man personal tax deadline is 6th October.

Tax payment is usually due by 6th January of the following year.

Payments on account to pay tax in advance are also due by 6th January.

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