National Insurance Contributions

Greenwave provides help and advice with National Insurance contributions for employees and self-employed individuals

We will:
• Calculate the national insurance contributions due and check the assessments
• Deal with the tax authorities, and any queries that may arise
• Provide a clear explanation of your tax position and any payments to be made
• Provide advice on National Insurance contribution record and making extra payments
• Efficient withdrawals of funds from a business to ensure your National Insurance record is sufficient

Fast Facts:

• From 6 April 2016 the IOM and UK National Insurance Records have been separated. If you retire after this date, and have worked in both jurisdictions, you will need to apply to both to receive two separate pensions
• The self-employed pay set weekly National insurance contributions and annual contribution based on their profits, this is changing to annual only in the UK
• Employees pay National Insurance contributions out of their salaries